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Are you aware that nearly one in six seniors in America faces the threat of hunger? Did you know the State of Florida has the second largest number of food stamp-eligible older adults in the nation? However, estimates reveal that only about 40% of these have applied for the program. Do you know older adults in your congregation or community who may have problems with food security?


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Volunteer in Helping Seniors Apply for SNAP

Volunteer in Helping Seniors Apply for SNAP

The chart below is a list of locations in and around the Tallahassee area that senior citizens may frequently visit to access meals, fresh fruit and vegetables, and/or other community services. These are prime locations to identify and assist senior citizens who may qualify for the Supplemental Food Assistance Nutrition Program (SNAP). Please reach out to the location contact person prior to arriving to volunteer. Wi-Fi is available at all locations. Please inquire with location contact person about computer/laptop availability.

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